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May 15th, 2012

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    In the heart of Sofo in Stockholm you’ll find Grandpa. They sell scandinavian and international fashion, interiors and vintage furniture. Recently they redesigned their webshop for a whole new shopping experience. 

    Siri Core GrandpaTypefaces used are DIN 1451 Engschrift Standard for headings and our own screen typeface Siri Core Schoolbook as the main text face. Both served by Fontdeck.

    imageWe had a little chat with Susanna Månsson, the designer of the new site.

    What is your main occupation at Grandpa?
    I work full-time at Grandpa with our webshop/website. It’s a quite wide occupation which covers everything from graphic design to product texts and sales campaigns. I also do all the graphic design for Grandpa including gift wrapping, shopping bags and flyers.

    Tell us a little bit about your choice of typefaces.
    During the spring I have worked with the look of our new website which we launched in May. We have for some time now worked with DIN Schrift as our head typeface on everything from campaigns to logos. Since it a condensed typeface it works best for headlines I wanted to find a nice typeface that we could use for the body text. 

    Did you try other typeface before you made your choice?
    I first looked at a typeface named Sofia but it was too light and wouldn’t work that well in body text. So I was recommended Siri by a designer at Panagora, which is our e-commerce supplier.

    Did you at sometime choose between Siri Core and Siri Core Schoolbook?

    Are you planning to use Siri for printed material also? The Schoolbook version can be activated with the OpenType feature Stylistic Sets.
    Maybe in the future.

    Thank you Susanna, we really like the new website.