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May 10th, 2012

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Stamps (and letters) from Sweden

Today was the release of five new stamps with swedish typefaces all over them. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s very unusual, at least in Sweden.

Gustav Mårtensson, the designer of the stamps, explains how the typefaces were selected by their importance to Swedish typographical history and their ability to represent the graphic expression of their time. 

The five typefaces chosen were Berling (1951) by Karl-Erik Forsberg*, Indigo (1999) by Johan Ström, Sispos/Bosis (1973) by Bo Berndal, Satura (2010) by Göran Söderström, Peter Bruhn) and Traffic (1973) by Tom Hultgren).


“Satura is representative of the new wave of Swedish fonts that are being drawn with digital tools and sold over the Internet”

We think Gustav made a really nice work with these five typographic stamps and like the way they are composed. Another style from the Satura Suite was also used on the summer stamps below, Satura Core, which is a version without contrast.

Summer stampsYou can buy all stamps online here or in any local shop in Sweden.

* The digital version of Berling Antiqua is Berling Nova (2004) by Örjan Nordling and Fredrik Andersson.